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Quick Lookup US Customary Pints & Fluid Ounces to Litres Common Conversions

The table below gives values for commonly used US pints and fluid ounces to litres conversions, also included is the number of fluid ounces.

US Pints & Fluid OuncesUS Fluid OuncesLitres
0pt 1fl oz10.030
0pt 2fl oz20.059
0pt 3fl oz30.089
0pt 4fl oz40.118
0pt 5fl oz50.148
0pt 6fl oz60.177
0pt 7fl oz70.207
0pt 8fl oz80.237
0pt 9fl oz90.266
0pt 10fl oz100.296
0pt 11fl oz110.325
0pt 12fl oz120.355
0pt 13fl oz130.384
0pt 14fl oz140.414
0pt 15fl oz150.444
1pt 0fl oz160.473
US Pints & Fluid OuncesUS Fluid OuncesLitres
1pt 4fl oz200.591
1pt 8fl oz240.710
1pt 12fl oz280.828
2pt 0fl oz320.946
2pt 4fl oz361.065
2pt 8fl oz401.183
2pt 12fl oz441.301
3pt 0fl oz481.420
3pt 4fl oz521.538
3pt 8fl oz561.656
3pt 12fl oz601.774
4pt 0fl oz641.893
4pt 4fl oz682.011
4pt 8fl oz722.129
4pt 12fl oz762.248
5pt 0fl oz802.366
US Pints & Fluid OuncesUS Fluid OuncesLitres
5pt 8fl oz882.602
6pt 0fl oz962.839
6pt 8fl oz1043.076
7pt 0fl oz1123.312
7pt 8fl oz1203.549
8pt 0fl oz1283.785
8pt 8fl oz1364.022
9pt 0fl oz1444.259
9pt 8fl oz1524.495
10pt 0fl oz1604.732
10pt 8fl oz1684.968
11pt 0fl oz1765.205
11pt 8fl oz1845.442
12pt 0fl oz1925.678
12pt 8fl oz2005.915
13pt 0fl oz2086.151

Quick Lookup Litres To US Customary Pints Common Conversions

The following table gives results for commonly used litres to pints and fluid ounces conversions for US Customary measures.

LitresUS Pints & Fluid OuncesUS Fluid Ounces
12pt 1.8fl oz33.8
24pt 3.6fl oz67.6
36pt 5.4fl oz101.4
48pt 7.3fl oz135.3
510pt 9.1fl oz169.1
612pt 10.9fl oz202.9
714pt 12.7fl oz236.7
816pt 14.5fl oz270.5
919pt 0.3fl oz304.3
1021pt 2.1fl oz338.1
LitresUS Pints & Fluid OuncesUS Fluid Ounces
1123pt 4.0fl oz372.0
1225pt 5.8fl oz405.8
1327pt 7.6fl oz439.6
1429pt 9.4fl oz473.4
1531pt 11.2fl oz507.2
1633pt 13.0fl oz541.0
1735pt 14.8fl oz574.8
1838pt 0.7fl oz608.7
1940pt 2.5fl oz642.5
2042pt 4.3fl oz676.3
LitresUS Pints & Fluid OuncesUS Fluid Ounces
2552pt 13.4fl oz845.4
3063pt 6.4fl oz1,014.4
3573pt 15.5fl oz1,183.5
4084pt 8.6fl oz1,352.6
50105pt 10.7fl oz1,690.7
60126pt 12.8fl oz2,028.8
70147pt 15.0fl oz2,367.0
80169pt 1.1fl oz2,705.1
90190pt 3.3fl oz3,043.3
100211pt 5.4fl oz3,381.4

Conversion Formulae

The conversion formulae for US Customary pints and fluid ounces to litres and litres to US Customary pints and fluid ounces conversions are as follows:

  • 1 US Customary pint = 0.473176473 litres exactly
  • 1 litre = 2.113376419 US Customary pints
  • 1 US Customary fluid ounce = 0.0295735295625 litres exactly
  • 1 litre = 33.814022702 US Customary fluid ounces

Conversions accurate to 9 decimal places unless otherwise stated.

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