Litres to Pints - Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the questions we often get asked about litres to pints conversions together with the answers. If you just want to convert litres to pints you can use our converters for litres to UK pints and litres to US pints

Note: The US pint is used in the United States and its dependent territories such as Guam and the US Virgin Islands. The UK (Imperial) pint is used in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Jamaica, Nigeria and other British Commonwealth countries. Many of the countries that used the UK pint now officially use metric measures (litres, centilitres and millilitres) however the use of pints and other imperial measures in recipes is still very common, especially amongst older people.

Q: How many pints in a litre?

A: 1.759753986 UK pints equal one litre and 2.113376419 US Customary pints equal one litre.

Q: What is 2 litres in pints?

A: 2 litres is 3.519507972 UK Imperial pints or 4.226752838 US Customary pints.

Q: How many pints in 6 litres?

A: There are 10.558523916 UK pints or 12.680258514 US pints in 6 litres.

Q: What is half a litre in pints?

A: Half a litre is 0.879876993 UK pints or 1.0566882095 US pints.

Q: What is 25 litres in pints?

A: In twenty five litres there are 43.99384965 Imperial (UK) pints or 52.834410475 US Customary pints.

Q: What is 1.8 litres in UK pints?

A: 1.8 litres is 3.1675571748 UK pints.

Q: What is 1.4 litres in pints?

A: There are 2.4636555804 UK pints or 2.9587269866 US pints in 1.4 litres.

Q: How many UK pints in 3 litres?

A: There are 5.279261958 UK pints in 3 L.

Q: How many pints in 8 litres?

A: Eight litres is 14.078031888 UK pints or 16.907011352 US pints.

Q: How many pints in 5 litres?

A: There are 8.79876993 Imperial pints or 10.566882095 US pints in five litres.

Q: What is 70cl in pints?

A: 70cl, the standard wine bottle size, is 1.2318277902 UK pt or 1.4793634933 US pt.

Q: How many pints in 50 L?

A: 50 Litres is 87.9876993 UK pints or 105.66882095 US pints.

Q: Is a litre a pint?

A: No a litre isn't a pint, a litre is just under two UK pints and just over two US pints.

Q: How many pints of water is three litres?

A: As for all liquids three litres is 5.279261958 UK pints or 6.340129257 US pints of water.

Q: Is 1 litre two pints?

A: Not exactly but it is close to two pints. A litre is 1.759753986 UK pints or 2.113376419 US Customary pints.

Q: How much is 10 litres in pints?

A: Ten litres are 24.636555804 UK pt or 29.587269866 US pt.