US Customary Gallons & Pints To Litres

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Lookup Tables US Customary Gallons and Pints to Litres Conversions

The table below gives conversions for commonly sought values for US Customary gallons and pints (US gal & pt) to litres (l) conversions

US Gallons & PintsUS PintsLitres
0gal 1pt10.473
0gal 2pt20.946
0gal 3pt31.420
0gal 4pt41.893
0gal 5pt52.366
0gal 6pt62.839
0gal 7pt73.312
1gal 0pt83.785
1gal 1pt94.259
1gal 2pt104.732
1gal 3pt115.205
1gal 4pt125.678
1gal 5pt136.151
1gal 6pt146.624
1gal 7pt157.098
2gal 0pt167.571
US Gallons & PintsUS PintsLitres
2gal 2pt188.517
2gal 4pt209.464
2gal 6pt2210.410
3gal 0pt2411.356
3gal 2pt2612.303
3gal 4pt2813.249
3gal 6pt3014.195
4gal 0pt3215.142
4gal 2pt3416.088
4gal 4pt3617.034
4gal 6pt3817.981
5gal 0pt4018.927
5gal 2pt4219.873
5gal 4pt4420.820
5gal 6pt4621.766
6gal 0pt4822.712
US Gallons & PintsUS PintsLitres
7gal 0pt5626.498
8gal 0pt6430.283
9gal 0pt7234.069
10gal 0pt8037.854
11gal 0pt8841.640
12gal 0pt9645.425
13gal 0pt10449.210
14gal 0pt11252.996
15gal 0pt12056.781
16gal 0pt12860.567
17gal 0pt13664.352
18gal 0pt14468.137
19gal 0pt15271.923
20gal 0pt16075.708
21gal 0pt16879.494
22gal 0pt17683.279

Quick Lookup Litres To US Imperial Pints Common Conversions

The following table gives results for commonly used litres to gallons and pints (l to US gal & pt) conversions for US Customary measures.

LitresUS Gallons & PintsUS Pints
10gal 2.11pt2.11
20gal 4.23pt4.23
30gal 6.34pt6.34
41gal 0.45pt8.45
51gal 2.57pt10.57
61gal 4.68pt12.68
71gal 6.79pt14.79
82gal 0.91pt16.91
92gal 3.02pt19.02
102gal 5.13pt21.13
LitresUS Gallons & PintsUS Pints
112gal 7.25pt23.25
123gal 1.36pt25.36
133gal 3.47pt27.47
143gal 5.59pt29.59
153gal 7.70pt31.70
164gal 1.81pt33.81
174gal 3.93pt35.93
184gal 6.04pt38.04
195gal 0.15pt40.15
205gal 2.27pt42.27
LitresUS Gallons & PintsUS Pints
256gal 4.83pt52.83
307gal 7.40pt63.40
359gal 1.97pt73.97
4010gal 4.54pt84.54
5013gal 1.67pt105.67
6015gal 6.80pt126.80
7018gal 3.94pt147.94
8021gal 1.07pt169.07
9023gal 6.20pt190.20
10026gal 3.34pt211.34

Conversion Formulae

The conversion formulae to tell you how many litres in a US Customary gallon (l to US gal), how many litres in a US pint (l to US pt), how many US Customary gallons in a litre (US gal to l) and how many US pints in a litre (US pt to l) are as below:

  • 1 US Customary gallon = 3.785411784 litres exactly
  • 1 litre = 0.264172052 US Customary gallons
  • 1 US Customary pint = 0.473176473 litres
  • 1 litre = 2.113376419 US Customary pints

Conversions accurate to 9 decimal places

US Customary gallons and pints are used in the United States of America, dependent territories and informally in some latin american countries.

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