UK Imperial Gallons & Pints To Litres

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Quick Lookup UK Imperial Gallons and Pints to Litres Common Conversions

The table below gives values for commonly used Imperial gallons and pints to litres conversions, also included is the number of pints.

UK Gallons & PintsUK PintsLitres
0gal 1pt10.568
0gal 2pt21.137
0gal 3pt31.705
0gal 4pt42.273
0gal 5pt52.841
0gal 6pt63.410
0gal 7pt73.978
1gal 0pt84.546
1gal 1pt95.114
1gal 2pt105.683
1gal 3pt116.251
1gal 4pt126.819
1gal 5pt137.387
1gal 6pt147.956
1gal 7pt158.524
2gal 0pt169.092
UK Gallons & PintsUK PintsLitres
2gal 2pt1810.229
2gal 4pt2011.365
2gal 6pt2212.502
3gal 0pt2413.638
3gal 2pt2614.775
3gal 4pt2815.911
3gal 6pt3017.048
4gal 0pt3218.184
4gal 2pt3419.321
4gal 4pt3620.457
4gal 6pt3821.594
5gal 0pt4022.730
5gal 2pt4223.867
5gal 4pt4425.003
5gal 6pt4626.140
6gal 0pt4827.277
UK Gallons & PintsUK PintsLitres
7gal 0pt5631.823
8gal 0pt6436.369
9gal 0pt7240.915
10gal 0pt8045.461
11gal 0pt8850.007
12gal 0pt9654.553
13gal 0pt10459.099
14gal 0pt11263.645
15gal 0pt12068.191
16gal 0pt12872.737
17gal 0pt13677.284
18gal 0pt14481.830
19gal 0pt15286.376
20gal 0pt16090.922
21gal 0pt16895.468
22gal 0pt176100.014

Quick Lookup Litres To UK Imperial Gallons & Pints Common Conversions

The following table gives results for commonly used litres to gallons and pints (l to gal & pt) conversions for Imperial measures.

LitresUK Gallons & PintsUK Pints
10gal 1.76pt1.76
20gal 3.52pt3.52
30gal 5.28pt5.28
40gal 7.04pt7.04
51gal 0.80pt8.80
61gal 2.56pt10.56
71gal 4.32pt12.32
81gal 6.08pt14.08
91gal 7.84pt15.84
102gal 1.60pt17.60
LitresUK Gallons & PintsUK Pints
112gal 3.36pt19.36
122gal 5.12pt21.12
132gal 6.88pt22.88
143gal 0.64pt24.64
153gal 2.40pt26.40
163gal 4.16pt28.16
173gal 5.92pt29.92
183gal 7.68pt31.68
194gal 1.44pt33.44
204gal 3.20pt35.20
LitresUK Gallons & PintsUK Pints
255gal 3.99pt43.99
306gal 4.79pt52.79
357gal 5.59pt61.59
408gal 6.39pt70.39
5010gal 7.99pt87.99
6013gal 1.59pt105.59
7015gal 3.18pt123.18
8017gal 4.78pt140.78
9019gal 6.38pt158.38
10021gal 7.98pt175.98

Conversion Formulae

The conversion formulae to tell you how many litres in a UK Imperial gallon, how many litres in a UK pint, how many UK Imperial gallons in a litre and how many UK pints in a litre are as below:

  • 1 UK Imperial gallon = 4.54609 litres exactly
  • 1 litre = 0.219969248 UK Imperial gallons
  • 1 UK Imperial pint = 0.56826125 litres
  • 1 litre = 1.759753986 UK Imperial pints

Conversions accurate to 9 decimal places

The Imperial gallon and pint are units that have been used in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other British Commonwealth countries. Canada used the UK gallon before metrication and this caused some confusion due to the difference between the Imperial and the US Customary gallon.

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