Pints To Litres - Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of questions and answers from the sites users about pints to litres conversions. If you just want to convert pints to litres you can use our converters for UK pints to litres and US pints to litres

Note: The US pint is used in the United States and its dependent territories such as Guam and the US Virgin Islands. The UK (Imperial) pint is used in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Jamaica, Nigeria and other British Commonwealth countries.

Q: What is one pint in litres?

A: One UK Imperial pint is 0.56826125 litres and 1 US Customary pint is 0.473176473 litres.

Q: How many litres are in 4 pints?

A: There are 2.273045 litres in 4 UK pints and 1.892705892 in 4 US pints.

Q: How many litres is 2 pints?

A: 2 UK pints is 1.1365225 litres and 2 US pints is 0.946352946 litres.

Q: How many litres is 7 pints?

A: Seven UK pints is 3.97782875 litres and seven US pints is 3.312235311 litres.

Q: Is a pint a litre?

A: No a pint isn't a litre, a UK pint is just over half a litre and a US pint is just under half a litre.

Q: What is 1.5 pints in litres?

A: 1.5 UK pints is 0.852391875 L or 1.5 US pints is 0.7097647095 L

Q: How many litres is 0.8 pint?

A: 0.8 UK pint is 0.454609 litres and 0.8 US pint works out at 0.3785411784 litres.

Q: What is 8 pints in litres?

A: Eight UK pints is 4.54609 L and eight US pints is 3.785411784 L.

Q: How much is 10 pints in litres?

A: 10 UK pt is 5,6826125 and 10 US pt is 4.73176473

Q: How many litres is 6 pints of water?

A: In the UK 6 pints of water is 3.4095675 litres, but in the US, where they use a different pint, 6 pints of water is 2.839058838 litres.

Q: What is four pints of milk in litres?

A: 4 UK pints of milk are 2.273045 litres and 4 US pints of milk are 1.892705892 litres.

Q: Which is bigger 2 pints or 1 litre?

A: That depends upon where you are, if your country uses the UK Imperial pint 2 pints is bigger than 1 litre, however if your country uses the US Customary pint 1 litre is bigger than 2 pints.

Q: What is a 1/4 pint in litres?

A: A quarter of a UK pint is 0.1420653125 litres and a quarter of a US pint is 0.11829411825 litres.

Q: How many litres is 2/3 of a pint?

A: Two thirds of a UK pint is 0.378840833 litres and two thirds of a US pint works out at 0.315450982 litres.

Q: What is 12 pints in litres?

A: Twelve pints UK is 6.819135 litres and twelve pints US is 5.678117676 litres.

Q: How many litres is 3 pints?

A: Three UK pints is 1.70478375 L and three US pints is 1.419529419 L